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Social Media Audit & Strategy Guidebook (Fillable)


There’s a significant gap between bad social media strategy and posts you drool over. This audit and strategy guidebook will take you through the good, the bad and the ugly. We’ll look at your social media profiles to date, and you’ll realize what you’ve done well, what could be improved upon and what habits you need to kick. Make sure you are as true to yourself as you can be. No one is perfect but through these exercises, your business and social reach will grow and thrive. This product is free to download with a Premium Membership. Pages: 17

This document consists of 17 pages. Once ordered and downloaded, no refunds are given as this is a downloadable product.

Guidebook includes:

  • Your Social Media Achievements and Goals
    • Past to Present
    • How Are You Progressing
    • The Audit
    • Your Socialability
    • Social Goals
    • Competition
  • Using Social Tools To Collect Data
    • Study Your Metrics
    • Time & Money
    • Be Authentic
  • Pull It All Together To Create Your Strategy
    • Your Strategy


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